rick sillouetteWelcome to my Personal Reflections page. Things are a little different over here. You won’t hear about mountaineering adventures, canoeing expeditions or other travel exploits in this section. These writings delve into the human experience: a collection of assorted remembrances from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. My writing is very personal, and I enjoy sharing it with people who value emotional honesty, humor and the adventurous spirit. Things are a bit less structured here as well. New material will appear from time to time, but in a looser time frame.


Here’s what I’ve got for you so far:


Fotolia_80292846_S conveince storeA PACK OF GUM

A short piece that recounts how the world felt to me on the day of my brother’s memorial service. I was at the great center of the universe, and yet I was also the tiniest speck of dust in the wind.




shutterstock_310770041 ice cream fairyAMANDA’S ICE CREAM PARTY

A short fun essay that goes back to my grade school days, when a casual schoolyard infatuation turned into a  competitive summer-long obsession. There was nothing the three of us wouldn’t do to get a little closer to that little blonde twig of a girl from Tennessee. That day, it just happened to be ice cream.



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