Introductory stories include: A Second Chance Climbing Mount Shasta, Belize Adventure: On the Trail of Monkey Girl, Climbing Guatemala’s Volcan de Zunil, Lost Alone on Lassen, Skydiving for the First Time
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climber atop snowy mountain ridgeIF YOU’RE HUNGRY for adventure stories with a little less testosterone and a little more humility, then you’ve come to the right place. I Didn’t Climb Everest is where you’ll find a variety of autobiographical adventure stories from around the world that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and smile. But there’s no macho chest thumping here. I cover both sides: the failures as well as the successes ; fears and doubts; getting lost and getting sick; lessons learned and occasional cluelessness. In other words, stories we can all relate to.

seaplane beside gathered kayaks in British ColumbiaCombining vulnerability with melodrama and humor, this collection of personal travel stories chronicles my often-stumbling efforts to delve into the world of adventure. These aren’t traditional travelogue pieces. Visiting five continents over a span of twenty years, I’ve gotten lost alone in the snowy back-country, clung desperately to an overturned canoe in a turbulent river, and puked my way into Alaska. I’ve also cried with my brothers on mountain summits, fallen into lust with inappropriate travel companions, been locked out of the Amazonian jungle, and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.


man crouching inside shallow caveWHO AM I? Just a quiet middle-aged guy from the San Francisco Bay Area whose life took a unexpected turn after the death of his brother. As a result I started doing some cool stuff for the first time in my life and felt compelled to write about my experiences, both good and bad. I created this website to share those personal stories with as many people as I could.


WHO ARE YOU?  Someone who loves to read personal nonfiction. Someone who’s ready for something other than the boastful exploits of pumped-up adrenaline junkies. Someone who values honesty over bravado, and introspection over competitiveness.


INTERESTED? Check out the Table of Contents below for links to my latest offerings. If you like what you see, share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, then join my website to get email updates about upcoming stories. I’ll be publishing something new about every two months. Your comments are appreciated. Welcome aboard and thanks for joining me on this adventure!




two climbers on steep snow slope of Mount ShastaA Second Chance Climbing Mount Shasta

My Brother and I Discover a New Bond on Our Quest for the Top

Taking my brother back to Shasta for a second chance at the summit revealed personal insights that were just as rewarding as the difficult journey to the summit and back. After that wind-ravaged day in 1996, we’d never look at that mountain or ourselves the same way again.


young woman playing with howler monkey in BelizeBelize Adventure: On the Trail of Monkey Girl

Uncovering the Other Half of a Life in the Jungles of Central America

My wife takes me to visit the jungle outpost where she lived for seven years studying howler monkeys, rehabilitating two orphaned howlers and teaching the local people about conservation and self-reliance before showing me the many people and places throughout Belize that had literally changed her life.


Climbing a Misty Jungle MountainClimbing Guatemala’s Volcan de Zunil

A Last-Minute Ascent of an Unknown Peak with a Non-English Speaking Guide

It’s tough enough climbing a mountain without being in a hurry. But when the last bus for town isn’t going to wait for you, you open the throttle and follow the man in the cowboy hat on a sweat-soaked jungle mountain marathon.


Compass to keep from getting lostLost Alone on Lassen

A Little Bit of Knowledge Can be Dangerous

Ever get into something you almost couldn’t get out of? Many years ago I took off alone up a 10,000 foot peak that I’d climbed several times before. But this time I was in over my head, and didn’t realize it until it was too late.


Concerned Cartoon Man SkydivingSkydiving for the First Time

How I Jumped Out of the Very First Plane I Ever Got Into

Trying to jump-start my stalled life, I sign on for parachute training and plunge into the unknown with both feet. But like all good adventures, things don’t exactly go as planned. Don’t worry—I lived through it.

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