Headers & Examples

You’ll be able to choose your own colors and backgrounds, enable and disable the top navigation or slide down along with many other choices.

Control Every Aspect Of Your Header…

You have complete control of your logo size, animation, colors and backgrounds for each navigational component (even dropdown menus can have separate colors than the navigation area).  Use independent fonts from the rest of your site, use Google fonts – any of them.  Enable and disable animations, dropshadow, top banner (even the top banner color).

Left logo layered with light top.

Right logo layered with dark top.

Center logo layered with dark top.

Classic single level menu.

Layered with left logo no top.

Left logo dark backgrounds.

Layered with left logo light top and slider.

Background tiled image example.

Background tiled image example.

These are just a sampling of the enormous combination of layouts and colors you can use with Credence.

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