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Here’s just a few of the stories coming your way…


  • African Reflections: A Dream 30 Years Deferred
    OK, some people take a little longer to get going in life. Come along for my “Journey of a Lifetime” to Kenya in East Africa. Setting aside three decades of built-up expectations, I head out on a 2-week wildlife safari full of dueling hippos, persecuted leopards and some naughty monkeys at poolside.
  •  No Level Ground :  Cycling the Lost Coast
    Giant redwoods, desolate coastline, and hills like you’ve never seen before lie ahead. Not so much a bike ride as a psychological endurance marathon, this three-day solo venture tests the limits of masochism and isolation in the far northern corner of California. Hey wait– I wasn’t drafted. I volunteered for this?
  • Up the Inside Passage: A Fish on the Moon
    What was I thinking? Why would a weak-stomached landlubber with scant kayaking experience sign on for a 2 week cruise with a pack of seasoned kayakers aboard a 75-foot boat off the coast of British Columbia? Cuz my brother said it would be fun, that’s why. Climb aboard and experience the whole wild, pukin’ mess.
  • The Promise: Cycling 600 Miles to Fight AIDS
    Ever try the impossible? That’s what it felt like when I set out with my younger brother to bike from SF to LA on the renowned California AIDSRide fundraising event. Despite 100 degree temps, the Evil Twins and the dreaded Quadbuster, the biggest hurdles had nothing to do with biking. Butt balm, anyone?
  • And Other Stories from Ecuador, Thailand, Tanzania, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Costa Rica.
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